Terrible, packed with fakes. Total fraudulence occurring right right here on therefore numerous fronts – all sanctioned by Tinder.

Terrible, packed with fakes. Total fraudulence occurring right right here on therefore numerous fronts – all sanctioned by Tinder.

Tinder had previously been really good but I’ve attempted it since Jan 2021 and wow, it is terrible!My profile got scarcely any matches so taken care of Plus, then i obtained some matches however they are 1000’s of kilometers away! Whenever I’ve matched having a profile I cancelled my subscription, was not worth paying a penny for nearby it turns out to be a fake account used to promote a porn site, investment https://datingmentor.org/nl/abdlmatch-overzicht/ scam or marketing.Tinder has become filled with spam!

Outright Thieves!

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Total fraudulence occurring right right here on therefore fronts that are many all sanctioned by Tinder. We pay money for premium services like Boost then half my matches find yourself criminals that are being all over the globe. I have reported dozens these fake users but more appear to come everyday. I will be additionally constantly matched with individuals several thousand kilometers away despite having set my boundaries to 10 kilometers. Tinder apparently not just will not care it is most likely alert to all these problems and much more it is delighted getting suckers to overpay for useless solutions. This equals stealing. Total advertising that is false simply thievery. These guys are no much better than most of the crooks people that are robbing their web site. If anybody is conscious of a pending class action please inform me many many thanks.

I would offer zero if at all possible

I would offer zero when possible. We have actuallyn’t been on tinder in over a year, deleted my account. Went along to remake one right right right here the very last couple of days and i have been banned before also making a free account. Simply have the exact same bot reaction whenever delivering them a message.

i’m reasonably limited member that is paying could…

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I will be reasonably limited member that is paying could perhaps maybe not access my profile because of the system for more than a week. We have over and over over repeatedly reported the matter with their consumer group that have delivered me personally the exact same information each time that it’s problem with my phone.

We invested couple of hours with Verizon to identify the issue which is perhaps maybe not just a phone problem. The email that is last received from their store had been their rep saying ” I’ll need certainly to escalate this solution to a group user whom can better investigate this matter.” That has been a week ago and we have actually perhaps perhaps not gotten assistance yet.

I received a notice from Tinder that my profile would be hidden because of inactivity today. I’ve been inactive because i cannot even sign on.

The worst customer support in every regarding the App globe.

Why it isn’t fit for function:

Why it is not fit for function:Shows you folks from one other side for the global globe when you set your restriction to 30 kilometers. 99% girls whom filter all of their photos, have actually profile text, no or are simply looking Instagram followers. All of these are useless for meeting individuals!

Recently there’s been too many fake…

Recently there’s been a lot of accounts that are fake you will need to provide you escort servise. Please make a move with that.


RIPOFF WATCH OUT! I meEt a female on Tinder, stated she was a wiz at crypto currency, very long sorry short, made and investment, she aided through the procedure through display screen shots! We made some cash, can not gain use of wallet with this site, you have to hand over ВЈ10,000, which I won’t do! so lost ВЈ4000 unless you go premium, which. Never trust individuals, also when they appear nice, spoke to her in the phone, FAKE! Do your own personal research and discover on your own, I’M STUPID!, That is what I have looking to satisfy a fantastic girl! ;(

time and energy to phone it a tinder day

This application has simply gone from bad to worse. I do believe I would instead you simply stated that you have come to an end of recommendations which fit my selection requirements rather than (unapologetically) continue steadily to recommend matches whom neglect to satisfy some of the sex, age and distance parameters We have set. I am talking about, how can you expect us to respond whenever you brazenly send me personally a note saying something to the end result that to be able to permit me to continue steadily to have some fun, you have (unilaterally) made a decision to broaden my selection requirements also to get international?! what is the idea of suggesting matches that simply cannot get anywhere as the guys are right, too young, too old or real time huge number of kilometers away. you truly do insult the cleverness of one’s users. Please provide an ongoing solution which fits your users objectives and never ram that which you think about to be “fun” down our throats. Then call it a day for Christ’s sake if you can’t do that!

waste of the time

waste of the time, establishing distance limitations are really a waste of the time as offer people beyond establishing. plenty of loves from kilometers away. therefore useless. entire site is pointless.

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