The writer states one to Riza has actually broad shoulders out-of her military education and you will flared pelvis suitable for the woman age

The writer states one to Riza has actually broad shoulders out-of her military education and you will flared pelvis suitable for the woman age

Riza Hawkeye (????????, Riza Hokuai) try good lieutenant on the Amestrian Condition Army plus the non-public adjutant and you can bodyguard out of Colonel Roy Mustang. A great sharpshooter and you will weapons pro, Lt. Hawkeye is an important house to the Colonel both in workplace as well as on this new battleground and serves as their closest and more than supportive subordinate.

Physical appearance

Riza Hawkeye try a female within her mid-to-later 20s having a mildly muscle and you will curvaceous generate, blonde locks one is located at the midst of the woman as well as brownish attention.

When you’re this lady has started known to don this lady tresses off, hands on Riza wears it tied upwards on back with a video barrette for the a composition you to definitely is similar to an effective bird end. The woman bangs fall-in good hawk’s wing trend from directly to kept, from time to time partially obscuring her kept vision. In the event she got worn the lady hair small in her teens and you will during the their tenure in the Ishval, she began allowing it to build call at 1910 after become acquainted which have Winry Rockbell. Every one of her ears try pierced which have a silver stud and, while in disguise, Riza could have been recognized to don fake glasses. Riza seem to wears a black, short-sleeved turtleneck not as much as this lady armed forces uniform and regularly whilst in informal skirt as well. Although Riza has listed (inside Best Guidebook dos) you to dresses restriction way as they are maybe not desired in an excellent military work environment, whilst in civil clothing, Riza is certainly caused by present in a lot of time dresses and you will shoes.

On the manga and you can 2009 comic strip, she’s an enormous and ornate tattoo which covers extremely the girl right back having large parts of it totally obscured from the shed marks. She constantly wears attire fitted to cover up brand new tattoo.


Riza are a peaceful, collected lady, which have a serious but courteous temperament. Hawkeye is actually seen of the the woman co-worker since the model of an effective perfect soldier; purely disciplined and also mental, she rarely relaxes when on the job that will be always tasked that have staying the woman colleagues on the right track. Regardless if regarding exterior she may seem strict, rigid, and also a tiny mean, Hawkeye is not as cold and you may distant as she can happen. Those people near to this lady know that there’s so much more so you’re able to this lady than just the woman zero-nonsense ideas; beneath this lady professional aura try a type spirit which knows the new issue from holding much burden.

Riza’s flaccid top tends to make in itself known courtesy the girl relations with young letters, like the Elric brothers and you may Winry Rockbell , and it also is not unusual to see the girl operating sweetly with the the girl dogs Shiba Inu,

It can be inferred you to definitely Riza along with altered over the age; inside her youngsters, she did actually was instead shy and you can idealistic in regards to the world at-large. Expanding right up at the the girl dad’s family, she probably educated a sheltered brand of young people. Immediately following signing up for new army, their feel inside Ishval missing her youthful idealism and you will turned the woman with the nearly stoic Lieutenant Hawkeye. Hawkeye exists throughout the conflict which have a significant tend to, strong enough so you’re able to shoulder the brand new big shame she voluntarily carries, and you can uses so it desire to stand combined with and you may service Mustang regarding dreams you to generations to come will continue to be without this new horrors off something similar to Ishval. Reticent, she will not cam unnecessarily or show their thinking often through terminology, but shows this lady the majority of their viewpoint as a consequence of nonverbal communication, that have trademark sharp appears and uncommon, discreet smiles.

The girl reputation reveals a mixture anywhere between a great punished lady wanting redemption she feels are inaccessible, and you may a resigned desired of past errors as well as their effects. Hawkeye discovers out sugar daddy Kansas City MO of Ishval to just accept commitments on her methods by herself, in the place of position blame or weight into the some other. She identifies she need compromise her very own pleasure and you may comfort and you can continue steadily to dirty the lady give with bloodstream because the a beneficial soldier from inside the buy to carry serenity to people. Regardless of the psychological troubles for the facing this lady problems, she learns to college herself along with her feelings because individual problems, brushing off of the concern from others, constantly affect suffering or actual discomfort having a hard top lip.

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